Sunday, February 14, 1999

20th Year Reunion Dinner - 14/02/1999

20th Reunion Dinner - 5.30pm to 10.00pm, 14th February, 1999, U'Full Restaurant, Kulai Besar [26] of us, excluding some spouses and children, from the class of 1979 (“C-79”) met up for dinner on February 14, 1999 – to celebrate our 20th year anniversary. The plan for the gathering was formed when some C-79 folks got invited to Kai Siang’s wedding in mid-January 1999, where it dawned on them that we had not come together in the last 15 or so years. So, in less than one month (talk about speed!), contacts were made through e-mails and telephone, C79 members
“rounded up”, dinner date confirmed, attendance taken, …. We were warmly welcomed at the Restaurant by the “Organising committee” – whilst a print of our last class photo was passed around for us to identify one another as well as to recall every one’s names. I supposed for many of us, there have not been many changes since we were 17 or 18-year olds, though, of course, many of the guys have “prospered”. In the course of exchanging news that evening, it was indeed heartening to note that members of C-79 had done reasonably well in our careers. We had accountants, businessmen, consultants, engineers, managers, teachers, etc, in our midst. It was a nostalgic evening – not because of the spread of the food at our privately reserved function room of Restoran U’Full, but rather the meeting of classmates whom some of us had not seen since we went on our separate ways long time ago in 1979! It was a night where old contacts were renewed …, where “forgotten” friendships were reaffirmed …, where we caught up with some 20 years’ of news from each other. I believe many, if not all, of us left the restaurant in high spirits that night (by the way, liquor was not served during our dinner, so none of us could have been drunk!)… and perhaps we could look forward in anticipation of more such gatherings to come

Contributed by Enid Ling