Saturday, January 17, 2004

KAGA2004 - 17/01/2004

KAGA otherwise known as the Kulai Ah beng Golf Association tour started as an annual winding down golfing get together. It usually held the week before fellows class79 alumni heading back to their respective kampung for the Chinese New Year holiday. Even though the annual social golf event started many years back, the first recorded event was held on Saturday, 17th January 2004 at the Tanjung Puteri Golf Club in Johor Baru. The game was extended to class79 golfing buddies and friends from their respective business and social circle. Prizes were sought and contributed by fellow participants and scores were tabulated for varies expert plays e.g. most hardworking (most strokes); top “buaya”, etc. At the time of journaling this entry, I have no recollection of who had won what awards. Perhaps some one with photographic memory would like to share some light here. The best player goes home with a mini trophy and get to keep it until the next KAGA tour…

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