Thursday, August 04, 2005

Belated Goodbye to Linda Phang - August 2005

Yes our dear friend who passed away was Linda Phang. She passed away last August 04. I visited her in March 04 when she had just completed chemo and looked good and motivated ( appeared to me at least). August 04 my family in Kulai read the obituary and called me. I could not make it to attend the funeral and I was very affected by her departure afterthat. She had breast CA. Apparetly a relapse which had affected her brain months later.

I thought I would send a message to those whom I still have the email addresses sometimes later but somehow this has been delayed. For those who read this please check yourself ( or your wives )yearly because the strike rate for breast CA is very high. Last year alone I have 3 friends in Singapore who diagnosed with breast CA. 2 relapses,1 passed away in December. Another tragic one was an ex-colleage who suffered from depression after the wife got breast CA. He commited suicide while the wife was still undergoing treatment. Be it good news and bad news let's share it as a reminder to us and treasure our love ones around us always. We are blessed to be around sitting healthily to wish each other good health and may this be a tradition for many more years to come.

My best wishes to all - good health and go xi fa cai!


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