Thursday, August 04, 2005

Belated Goodbye to Linda Phang - August 2005

Yes our dear friend who passed away was Linda Phang. She passed away last August 04. I visited her in March 04 when she had just completed chemo and looked good and motivated ( appeared to me at least). August 04 my family in Kulai read the obituary and called me. I could not make it to attend the funeral and I was very affected by her departure afterthat. She had breast CA. Apparetly a relapse which had affected her brain months later.

I thought I would send a message to those whom I still have the email addresses sometimes later but somehow this has been delayed. For those who read this please check yourself ( or your wives )yearly because the strike rate for breast CA is very high. Last year alone I have 3 friends in Singapore who diagnosed with breast CA. 2 relapses,1 passed away in December. Another tragic one was an ex-colleage who suffered from depression after the wife got breast CA. He commited suicide while the wife was still undergoing treatment. Be it good news and bad news let's share it as a reminder to us and treasure our love ones around us always. We are blessed to be around sitting healthily to wish each other good health and may this be a tradition for many more years to come.

My best wishes to all - good health and go xi fa cai!


King Ling 90090917


Kulai Class79 said...

Other than Choon Seong, she was classmate way back from Primary 1, ESK That was 1969, 37 years ago!
BTW, I got to know most of you at SIS, some of you from the "Remove" Class.

Wonder why they call it that way. Why not Reroute, Displace, Erase,
Delete... :)

cheers, Mok

Kulai Class79 said...

Sad to hear that Linda Phang passed away. Like Mok, we know her since
Pri 1
and she's from Khet Loong Gdn as well.

We all got to make the best and be thankful of what we have. Happy
New Year, wish you all the best of Health, Happiness andWealth.

CS Lim

Anonymous said...

King Ling,
Since you broke the news, I think some of us still at the aftershock
with LindaĆ¢€™s pass away news. Obviously most of us have little clues of what is her life like since we parted 27 yrs ago. Do you think you can help compile some good stuff that Linda has done. E.g. pictures, etc. I can help to blog it on the cyberspace so that her memory will live on in the cyberspace.

Something nice to say about her.. Like the eulogy!


Anonymous said...

Your request is a challenge to me. Perhaps Sau Si and Boon Moi could help because they used to be very close. BTW I came from "Remove" class, you know
Anyway I will still try .....................
Linda worked with the former D & C bank in Kulai and continued to work with the new managment after the "merger".

Linda got married much earlier than most of us. She and her family lived in Oriental Garden ( near Khet Long Garden). One of her boys already in Form 6 and another in Pri 6 if I could recall correctly.

I have never met her between 1999 and 2005. Assuming she attended our reunion99, my encounter with her last year was the first and last time after reunion 99.

To me Linda was a very obliging person. I have never seen her got angry with anyone in school. She was soft spoken, never raise her voice and always wore her smiles when she spoke.....

Now, those who know her when you were 7 years old may have more stories to tell. CS and Mok or Yeet Fah, Sau Si, Boon Moi you guys may wish to continue or add on........
Best wishes to all

King Ling

Anonymous said...

Hi King Ling & TS,
Perhaps you can ask Buoy Lan. She was Linda's neighbour for many years.
She now resides in NZ with her family. Cynthia knows how to contact her. Hope that helps.

Best regard,
Liang Tok

Anonymous said...

I think Sou Si might be able to fill us in a bit re Linda. Last sat, Si called and we talked about Linda too. She said she made it a point to see Linda every time she come back fr Perth for hol and it's like a missing link now that Linda's gone. To me, Linda is really a goody, goody person. No temper( have never ever seen her raise her voice), always so obliging and friendly. It would be nice if we could put together something in her memory.


Anonymous said...

Linda makes me feel life is short. Cherish every moment and make each day count. Live life to the fullest.

Jackson Tan Chin Pin in Heidelberg, Germany "enjoying" the bitterly cold winter.

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone

Life is very vulnerable..we should go ahead and do whatever we wish to
do..enjoy every minute you have especially with your loves
one...including friends..

Billy lee

Anonymous said...

I was Linda fellow chemo mate in Johor Specialist Hospital. She took her sickness well as she does not want to worry the family. Her husband is with her for every treatment. She recognized me first as ex-SIS. We sat next to each other for our chemos.Hers was fast lasting half to an hour while mine will last 5 hours.
My last chemo was on May 2004 but she has to continue as her cancer cells had spread. I live quite close to her thus I did visit her a few times.
When her sister came to look for me one night about my oncologist in Singapore I was prepared for the worst.
Not long later the bad news came. I was at the funeral.
I knew her for a short period, at the time of pain. She prove herself truly a strong person inside not wanting to worry those around her.My only regret is not been able to visit her during her last days.

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