Wednesday, January 25, 2006

KAGA2006 - 25/01/2006

The Kulai Ah Beng golfers met again on Wednesday, 25th January 2006 at the Jurong Country Club. Green speed is 8.526....very the fast. Fairway is superb and weather is sunny. 18 golfers, about half are from Kulai teed off at 1PM.

We adjourned to JCC Ban Heng Restaurant for a get together dinner where awards were presented by organizers Billy and Jackson.

This year our “marathon” man Jackson Tan (Chin Pin) went home with the KAGA2006 trophy. Wonder when he will stop winning. Biggest buaya went to KC Lim. I got a bottle of Australian vintage wine (hand carried back from the downunder according to the sponsor) that labeled most hardworking??? Non golfer… it’s a reward for “value for money played”, hit the most strokes!

All of us left home by 9PM in time for the family, just like any other day of hard work at the office. Choon Siong has already started suggesting we make it a bi-annual event. He can’t wait to show off his new handicap ….. Til then perhaps KAGA2006.5

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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Surprise Visit by Kiwis

Cynthia Cheong Lee Yin has surprisingly shown up at my doorstep on 7th January 2006 afternoon, after missing in contact for several years. For those who do not recall who is this tycoon “tai tai” looking friend, her family used (or still) to own some Chinese medicine shops at Kulai main road.

Cynthia and husband Sam (i call him tukang masak) who was a trained culinary grad from New Hampshire college, USA are now proud owner of a cafe/deli shop in suburban of Auckland New Zealand. In the background are my wife Michelle, children Dylan and Samantha. Cynthia's children Julia and Jasmine who were at their teenage parent withdrawal syndrome did not tag along to see their mummy's boring old friends, instead, they have chosen to roam the shopping strips at Orchard road.