Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Mr. Tee - The Tree Man

Tee Swee Ping § Assistant Director (Arboriculture Streetscape West) §National Parks Board, not sure what it meant but for sure got nothing to do with mathematics. I now know why I did not do well for my Form5 maths.

I have an impromptu coffee chat with him last Friday. The last time I met him was about 16 years ago when I was on holiday back from the US. His office at Gateway West happens to be located next to my client’s office that I frequent weekly. Mok’s office also around the proximity and I believe Billy’s too. His department will soon be relocating back to their HQ at the Botanic Garden. Do pay him a visit next time when you are at the Botanical Garden.

All these while he has being working for the "garmen" of Singapore, iron rice bowl, unlike my which was made of porcelain and vapourware broken many years ago. His wife is teaching at a high school somewhere in Singapore, so is our physic teacher, Mr. Chai, according to him! Don’t be surprise one of these days if you bump into your former teacher at your kids’ parent session.