Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Catching up with Elaine Chai in Hong Kong

Taking time off from work to catch up with old friend. The last time we met was probably after we left high school in 79.
With me were Elaine Chai Chew Yen and her husband Kalen at Wan Chai area in Hong Kong. Am sure I have brought back a lot of old memories to her from Kulai.
For those who visit HK next time, I am sure she would be happy to see you guys. She can be reached at +852 9436-1111.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Having Lunch with Mr. Chai and Mr and Mrs Tee

It’s a blessing to meet our high school physic teacher after almost 30 years. Chai Min Heng is now teaching physic at Naval Base secondary school and is also one of the pioneer BB boys in the late 50’s. With me at the lunch are Wong Kim Siong (BB 80) and Mr. Tee (BB officer in late 70’s & 80’s) and Mrs. Tee. Both are former Math and Biology teacher at SSI and now residing in Singapore.
@ Crystal Jade Restaurant Causeway Point, Singapore

Monday, February 19, 2007

Six gorgeous ladies and a lucky man!

Managed to catch up with the ladies on the 2nd day of CNY @ Kath and Pauline's place in Kulai.
Photo taken by "the wife".

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Chinese New Year Gathering @ Malai Wong's House

12 alumni made it to this year CNY gathering @ malai wong's house. Photos taken by class monitor Lim Choon Seong.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Update From Sou Si

You know who to call next time when you are in Perth. The wife just told me that Tiger Airways is launching a budget service(S$21) to Perth!. Any one who is thinking of emigrate to Australia, I am sure our tax accountant can give you some $$ advice though not sure about her charges... Glad to hear from you Sou Si...

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From: Leong Sou Si [mailto:sou_si@bigpond.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 8:32 PM
To: ts@xentinum.comSubject: Greetings from Perth
Hi TS,

I must really embarassed my brother who shared the same bus as I did.!!!! No doubt it was pretty " messy & muddy " affair but most probably most upsetting that my mum had to buy me another pair of shoes. ( as we were very poor). Just told my hubby & daughter abt your e-mail - they thought it was funny.

Left Singapore in 1997 after living there for 15 years. It wud be great too if I still in S'pore since there are so many Kulaian in S'pore.

I have a daughter and a wonderful hubby. We live near University of Western Australia, within walking distance to the Swan River and very short distance to the Cottleloe Beach and city. I work as a tax accountant. To balance my role as mother/driver/maid, I work 4 days a week. I really prefer this arrangement than to rely on maid as I did when I was in S'pore. After living 10 years in Perth, I learn to appreciate here. There must be a reason why Perth is one of the ten most livable place after Vancover, Melbourne etc. Having said that, I must clarify home is where your loved ones are and also what you want from a place. Perth at the moment suits me very well. I go back to S'pore/Malaysia on an average once a year. It was always nice to catch up with Linda Phang when I returned to Kulai. So it was pretty sad when I found out she left this world. I hope the above give a brief update of my current life. Interesting I don't think many especially the boys who went to

I go back to S'pore/Malaysia on an average once a year. It was always nice to to catch up with Linda Phang when I returned to Kulai. So it was pretty sad when I found out she left this world.

I hope the above give a brief update of my current life. Interesting I don't think many especially the boys who went to English College with me knew much of me but they remember that funny incident.....

I will try to ask my hubby to get a decent photo for our class 79 blog posting.

Nice of you to set up the blog. A wonderful opportunity to catch up with old friends.

I will be travelling from Frankfurt to Singapore on 25 July and stay in S'pore for 2 nites. Hopefully we can catch up then.

Warmest regards to you & your family
Sousi, Huw & Megan

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From: TS Han - Xentinum Systems [mailto:ts@xentinum.com]
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To: 'Leong Sou Si'
Subject: Hello

Sou Si,
Glad you have check in as I wasn't sure who is reading and who is not. There is something I always wanted to confirm with you but never have a chance as we never cross our path since we left Kulai in 1979. This is regarding an incident about a Kulai girl who lost her shoe on the muddy road side while stepping out the school bus to let other folks get out along the way home from English College. Some of our senior boys used to joke about it when I was in KL before leaving the States many years ago

Do send me some updates about you and family and picture for our class79 blog posting.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Wang Siew Hang(5B) - Remember her???

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From: Mr Kek [mailto:thkek@pd.jaring.my]
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To: ts@xentinum.comSubject: Happy 2007

Hi! I am Wan Siew Hang from 5B and it is great to know this web-site from Chew Yen ( I met her in KL on chritsmas 2006). It is really happy to know the news about Cynthia, Yet Fah, Boon Moi and others but it is so sad to know that Linda Phang had left us. I am married with no kid (although I have got married for 25 years) and I am staying in Kajang (call me if anyone of you want to eat Kajang Satay). I do keep in touch with Kathleen and Pauline but they never tell me about this web-site.

My email add: thkek@pd.jaring.my tel: 012-3313368

Wan Siew Hang

Monday, January 08, 2007

Elaine Chai Chew Yen

Don't ask me how I get hold of her since I last recall seeing her is about 20+ years ago shortly we left Kulai. Now you know who you can call to "yam cha" when next time you are in Hong Kong. I am sure she can show you the finest dim-sum place in HK.

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From: Elaine [mailto:elainechai@netvigator.com
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To: ts@xentinum.com
Subject: Family PhotoTiew Siew
Attachment is my family photo taken in Kulai during Chinese New Year2005.
My Husband Kalen Tong, my son Bon Tong (18 yrs) & my daughter YumiTong (17yrs).RgdsElaine(Chai Chew Yen)

Elaine Chai Chew Yen
E-mail: elainechai@netvigator.com
HP : (852) 9436-1111

Friday, January 05, 2007

Not Desperate Anymore! - Yin Yeet Fah & Family

The desperate housewife after all is indeed a happy mother and wife.

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hi ts,
happy new year,
thought it's about time i kept my words of sending in some recent photos of my family. these were taken while holidaying in East Malaysia. u can view them at http://wengkwan8.googlepages.com/home
my son, Zhe is 15+ while my daughter is 12+
thanks for updating the kulai blogsite, it's nice to see some of our long time no see friends!

Yeet Fah Yin
Email: yfyin@hotmail.com