Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Update n Greeting from LiangTok

Hi TS,
Here’s the one from KL. We didn’t have home cooked food but nevertheless it was great catching up with friends.
Here’s is wishing all of you, the class of 79 and your loved ones a Fantastic 2009! Best
Liang Tok

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season's Greetings

Seven of us from class79 got together last nite to have a home cooked meal prepared by “the wife” to celebrate the festive season. We are glad to have naturalized kiwi Cynthia Cheong LeeYin as our guest of honor this time. FYI, her next stop in KL is on Dec 29th, do contact Kathleen if you wish to meet her.

Though 30+ years have passed, every time we meet we’d still talk about the bees and the flowers during our SiS years where life was so much simpler; catching spiders and making them mate/horny! before each major fight; catching fish at the kulai river, etc. How to survive the mid 80’s recession where Jackson had to “jump plane” to New York City to be a fast food delivery boy; Sin Siew and Ah Choy going to the kiwi land, etc…

Til then looking forward to see and hear from some of you guys again…

Would like to take the opportunity to wish you guys a merry x’mas and happy 2009. Regardless of whatever faith you are, be it a commercial X’mas Christian like me.


* group pic and menu of the nite.

Friday, July 25, 2008

An evening with the July B'day "Boys" - Part 1

8 of us showed up @ Crystal Jade Bishan Junction 8 to celebrate the July "boys" Soon Hiang, Mok and Choon Seong's birthday. All three did not go thru the "Remove" class like me thus they are 46th years old this year. Though the "boys" met occasionally, am sure King Ling or Enid has not seen some of them like Mok for ages....
Good to hear that Mok is picking up oil painting lately and my immediate suspicion- he was probably motivated by the studio's nude model! Need to find out where he attends his painting class. Part time "landlord" Sin Siew was talking about retiring and more importantly all of us were in good health to have a meal together...

Just as we were engrossed in our deep chat, the waitress hinted us that they were closing soon... We had to leave the brief get-together and promise to catch up again more often in the future. May be in a few months time...

Out-of-town folks, do remember to give us a buzz when you are in Singapore so we will have an excuse to meet again…


July BDay "Boys" - Part 2

Saturday, January 26, 2008


I found this picture while doing my spring cleaning over the weekend. I believe it was taken some times during our lower form time. Me!, Peng Hock(where is he now?), Kai Siang(no news either), Choon Siong and Sin Siew.