Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Fun Taiwan

Billy, Sin Siew, Malai Wong and Cheong Seng families were in Taiwan recently for their annual holiday.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Jackson's Farewell - Posting to Hong Kong

The golf kakis n' spouses were having a farewell dinner @ Bristo Amigo for Jackson Tan new posting to Hong Kong.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July Boys' Birthday

The “Non-Remove” July boys (Mok, Choon Seong, and Soon Hiang) celebrated their 47th birthday at Crytal Jade@IMM.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Yum Char with Class78

Got a surprise visit from Hiew Woon Thiam, ex-scout, fellow class78 whose father used to sell drink outside SiS.

Thiam, currently a telecom consultant based out of Riyadh, Saudi and was dying for pork when he landed in Singapore.

Vincent Tay Yoon Sin(Chinese Society warlord) and Louis Ong Tee Chye(Top boy of class78) were also present for the long lost 30+ years breakfast catchup@ RedStar Restaurant.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

BBQ@DowntownEast, SG

8 class79's and family get together at Costa Sands@Downtown East

Saturday, February 14, 2009

10 People, 5 Couples making 1 Great Valentine dinner together

Billy, SinSiew, Cheong Seng, Malai Wang and I have invited our wives to celebrate a Valentine wine and dine on 14 Feb 2009. A rare occasion for most of us who are not that "romantic" and almost forgotten what Valentine meant for us. It turned out to be a pleasant evening with fine France wines, delicious international cuisine, lots of laughter, and feeling goooood.
Jackson Tan

Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends In Time

Times of your life …

January 26, 2009 … 1st day of Chinese New Year … time for reunion with family and loved ones … time for the joyful gathering of friends … time for sharing and catching up with each other … time for leaving beautiful memories in each others’ lives … times of your life and mine.

For many of us, the last time we saw each other was after our MCE in 1979. Yes, whilst we were still “teenagers”. On January 26, 30 plus of us gathered at Sunset Lounge, Palm Resort for a reunion dinner 30 years later. As with the meeting of good old friends, we shook each others’ hands heartily and gave each other huge bear hugs, and guess what, the ladies even received a stalk of rose, courtesy of the guys! With that, we started an evening of a mix of “those good ol’ days” and “the past 30 years” and counting blessings along the way. One of the highlights of the evening was of course the viewing of old photos which brought many fond memories (and drew laughter) of our younger days such as our school, our classmates and our various outings, all laboriously put together in 3 video clips. There was also a viewing a video clip taken in the evening itself.

Two missions were successfully completed that evening. One was the mini donation drive to help with the start-up of the 24 Festive Drum Troupe at SIS Kulai and we managed to raise RM2,500. Second was the membership drive for our SIS Alumni which also saw new registrations.

As with all reunions, we wined and dined and laughed and shared through the night, with some in our midst entertaining us with jokes, stories and impromptu cat-walk performances (a proof that many of us are still very much young-at-heart and fun-loving) and this continued long after the tables were cleared.

Yes, many of us were glad we were able to make it for the gathering and we went away with additional (laugh) lines on our faces, with renewed friendships and thankful hearts, with memories of a lovely evening and a DVD each. Well, I did.

If you were not able to join us that night for whatever reason and thus was not “featured” in any of our video clips taken that night, do make special effort to join us … in 3 years’ time. See you then! Meanwhile, God bless, take care and stay joyful and healthy!

Enid Ling

30th Reunion In Action - Home

** To View High Quality Streaming Click "watch in high quality" at

30th Reunion - Photos

- Cameraman ChoonSeong
** To Download Photo
- Double Click on the above pictures -> "picasa web album"
- At "Picasa's Window", Right Click over picture you wish to download and choose "Save Picture As.."

Walk Down The Memory Lane

The more we get together

(the more we get together, together, together........)

lyrics contributed by KingLing

Bring U Home

Class79 Solo's

Class79 30th Reunion

Date: 6.30PM til 11PM, Monday, Jan 26th(1st Day CNY)

Theme: Walk Down The Memory Lane

Venue: Sunset Lounge @ Palm Resort
$$$: RM100 per person, please pay more to support Project 24 Festive Drum Troupe

Tiew Siew at +65 96734956
King Ling at +65 90090917
Kathy Yang at +60 127884767
Low Siew Choy at +60 173529499

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Greeting from Han Mui Wah

Hi everybody,
Gong Xi Fa Cai and a happy new year. Greetings from the USA. Saw the reunion dinner online and it does sure bring back old memories. Boy, it doesn't seem like that long ago though. I recognised most of them, but there were a few who I have no earthly idea who they were. Guess I have matured quite a bit.
My children and I will be in Malaysia sometime in August and maybe we can play some catchup with old times. My oldest son , Nick,(19) is a sophmore at James Madison University. Phil (17) is a senior this year and going to college in the fall and lastly Katie (8) the cherub, is in 3rd grade. Jc, my hubby ,is still working with DOD (DEPT. of DEF.) and enjoying it. I am a full time housewife and enjoying life in general.
Whoever reads this, pls drop a line or two and we can start to keep in touch again after 30 years. Also, we live in DC area, and if any of you comes to this neck of the woods, you all are more then welcome to come visit us. Just let us know in advance.
Thanks Tiew Siew for doing such a good job online. Kudos to you for your time and effort, and keep up the good work.
Muiwah Pollman

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hoon Teck Ming

老同学们, 死党们,大家好!收到邮件非常高兴并惊讶, 真的好想在做梦一样。 30年真的过的很快一瞬间就过去了,我们都快50了!2009年注定是个不平凡的一年-- 我们大伙毕业30年, 中国改革开放也正好30年!之前听我秘书说有位韩性男同学找我一时没转过神来, 我想应该是寿畴吧!真对不起因为最近特别忙, 忙着我一个楼盘开盘准备。确保万无一失!您们大概也知道因金融风暴的原因楼市很大的被影响所以要准备充分,质量关一定要把好, 细节决定成败!因为以上原因我今年就走不开了, 不能参加30年同学聚会非常遗憾。下会回来我们再约!借此预祝大家新春快乐, 万事如意,身体健康, 牛年行大运! 祝大家本命年(那些属牛的)牛气冲天!最后祝同学聚会圆满成功!谢谢!德明

* Thanks to Baidu's Search and KingLing's Chinese email, we finally get a respond from HoonTeckMing. Well done TeckMing!! Another truly made in Kulai success story who made his name in China.