Monday, January 26, 2009

Friends In Time

Times of your life …

January 26, 2009 … 1st day of Chinese New Year … time for reunion with family and loved ones … time for the joyful gathering of friends … time for sharing and catching up with each other … time for leaving beautiful memories in each others’ lives … times of your life and mine.

For many of us, the last time we saw each other was after our MCE in 1979. Yes, whilst we were still “teenagers”. On January 26, 30 plus of us gathered at Sunset Lounge, Palm Resort for a reunion dinner 30 years later. As with the meeting of good old friends, we shook each others’ hands heartily and gave each other huge bear hugs, and guess what, the ladies even received a stalk of rose, courtesy of the guys! With that, we started an evening of a mix of “those good ol’ days” and “the past 30 years” and counting blessings along the way. One of the highlights of the evening was of course the viewing of old photos which brought many fond memories (and drew laughter) of our younger days such as our school, our classmates and our various outings, all laboriously put together in 3 video clips. There was also a viewing a video clip taken in the evening itself.

Two missions were successfully completed that evening. One was the mini donation drive to help with the start-up of the 24 Festive Drum Troupe at SIS Kulai and we managed to raise RM2,500. Second was the membership drive for our SIS Alumni which also saw new registrations.

As with all reunions, we wined and dined and laughed and shared through the night, with some in our midst entertaining us with jokes, stories and impromptu cat-walk performances (a proof that many of us are still very much young-at-heart and fun-loving) and this continued long after the tables were cleared.

Yes, many of us were glad we were able to make it for the gathering and we went away with additional (laugh) lines on our faces, with renewed friendships and thankful hearts, with memories of a lovely evening and a DVD each. Well, I did.

If you were not able to join us that night for whatever reason and thus was not “featured” in any of our video clips taken that night, do make special effort to join us … in 3 years’ time. See you then! Meanwhile, God bless, take care and stay joyful and healthy!

Enid Ling


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